MMSuperPatcher v1.6


Mini Militia Superpatcher v1.6 By KMODs

Hello guys,
I’m back after long, sorry for this delay. i’m very busy in other works so future release also could delay but i am planing to add superbs surprises asap.

Coming to this update, i made it again like 1.3 so size become small again and update internals so could support most of devices will support now. mmpatcher+ is combined with it so others mods also be publish in it.

I hope you all wil enjoy this 🙂


~ Due to some issues You can’t connect to Google Play.

~ Any Patcher Or Toggle mod will not work on it.

~ Due to limitation on devices support it would not work in some devices.

Change Log:

-> Update To Latest Mini Militia version 4.0.11

-> in Settings, option to backup and Restore your avatar data is added.

-> in case of Any crashes, option to clear applied patches added in settingd.

-> So many Exclusive mods added

-> Custom Server Removed.

Fix Some Codes And Try to Fix support for Android 4

Find More Yourself…


1: Work on Original Playstore Apk(only version v4.0.11)

2: You can choose mod even playing(Its depends on device’s support).

3: One Apk For All Mods.

4: Original Game And Modded Game will separate you can create shoutcut for modded game.

5: Even Work Without Root.

6: Direct Patching.

7: Patch will apply on original(playstore) apk so No QP-Mod Server.

8: Many Mod Available.

9: Use Setting icon to open-close Mod Selector.

10: Only Around 4mb size.

Install Steps:

1. Install Game from Playstore

2. Open SuperPatcher.

3. Give it permissions that asked

4. Let it load.

5. Press First Button, it will start patched game and livepatcher

6. Select mods and it will apply without doing anything.

8. Again minimise it with Setting icon.

9. press Close Patcher to close it.



Click Here To Download

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18 thoughts on “MMSuperPatcher v1.6

  1. So many permission required!!!

    Hello KP bro, how are you going? I have been playing your modded MM modded apk so long and I really enjoy playing. My concern is about the latest modded apk Mini Militia Super Patcher 1.6. Why this updated app need sooo many permissions? I mean it’s a bump of permissions! I never seen any app to need this too many permission. Not even any system app. So, I am scared to install this app in my phone. I hope I’ll get an explanation. Thank You 🙂


      1. Thanks bro for ur reply. Ok, I hv installed the game. But I am facing one problem. And that is suppose, I am playing with custom cheat/patch in MM with my friends who have other modded MM version. And when I am being killed in multiplayer deathmatch mode. All of my friends Mini Militia modded game are being stucked or phone hangs up. Aame happens while playing in online quick play mode. Hope you will fix it soon. 🙂


  2. Ur mod is out standing…. It is superb…. But can u add some features like
    1.rank hack(we can any rank like colonel, general etc. regain(not so fast)like 2x,3x,4x…..10x.
    3.gameplay time hack like from 20seconds to 1 hour
    4.death sprayer to all guns
    5.speed mod should be increased
    To 10x

    *keep it up bro this is the best mod ever*


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