MMSuperPatcher v1.3

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Hello everyone , Today i am going to share

[Exclusive] Mini Militia Super Patcher v1.3 By KMODs


~ Due to some issues by google You can’t connect to Google Play games.

~ Any Patcher Or Toggle mod will not work on it.

~ Due to limitation on devices support it would not work in some devices.(<5.0)

Change Log:

1: Added Support For Mini Militia v3.0.136

2: New Guns Unlocked

New Guns: Mini Guns, TEC9, RG6, XM8 And One Bomb EMPNade.

Note: New Guns Are Hidden So using them could crash game with old version Players.

3: The Death Sprayer

Fire Like Crazy From Some Guns: SMAW,Saw,Mini Gun,Sniper,RG6

4: Fake Seen Bombs(KMODs Special)

Bomb Seen by others and you fire will be diffrent Spoof Others

5: Any Weapon Spawn Lobby

You can spawn any gun and Weapon Point

6: Any Bomb From Rocket Laucher[SMAW](KMODs Special)

Your Rocket will fire any bomb/projectiles you select.

7: New Ui For LivePatcher

8: Some Bug Fixes

Fix Some Codes And Try to Fix support for Android 4

Find More Yourself…


1: Work on Original Playstore Apk(only version v3.0.136)

2: You can choose mod even playing(Its depends on device’s support).

3: One Apk For All Mods.

4: Original Game And Modded Game will separate you can create shoutcut for modded game.

5: Even Work Without Root.

6: Direct Patching.

7: Patch will apply on original(playstore) apk so No QP-Mod Server.

8: Many Mod Available.

9: Use Setting icon to open-close Mod Selector.

10: Only Around 3mb size.

Install Steps:

1. Install Game from Playstore

2. Open SuperPatcher.

3. Give it all permissions

4. Let it load.

5. Press First Button, it will start patched game and livepatcher

6. Select mods and it will apply without doing anything.

8. Again minimise it with Setting icon.

9. press Close Patcher to close it.



Click Here To Download

Please Like it ,Share it and Comment.


17 thoughts on “MMSuperPatcher v1.3

  1. Plz add some features like magic health regeneration increase players to 20 in custom lobbies and 200+players in lan wifi. And also add unlimited time in custom lobbies and lan wifi like 00:20 mins to 60:00 mins…. Plz add these features in next MMsuperpstcher 1.4


  2. This is a awesome patcher.But sometimes it crashes in kitkat The setting icon does not opens some times.please fix it.
    Please add some mods like
    1.Infinite players
    2.Infinite time
    3.New Maps
    4.Many New guns
    5.New bushes For hiding
    6.Weapon auto fire.
    7.Multiple Weapon Instant Re-spawn
    8.Fly through Walls.
    9.Proxy mines Everwhere
    10.New UI for patcher.


  3. Very good patcher. But need some more mods like:
    1.Increase game time
    2.Increase player limit in lan wifi mod
    3.Increase custom online game maximum player limit
    4.Bypass accidental screen lock/App minimizes
    5.Enemy name/health bar always visible
    6.Infinite proxy mine throw
    7.Weapon auto fire
    8.Magic health regeneration
    9.Radar everywhere
    10. fly though walls
    11. No kill counters
    12. Invisible  to all
    13.Robots will be blind


  4. Please bro add some features :-

    1.Magic targetting ( if i would target anyone than i will fire anywhere it will damage that person i am targeted)

    2.Magic map changer ( i can any map anytime in the game)

    3.And kuldeep please tell me how you can make mods plzz plzz plzz my emmail is

    Plzz add some features and plzz tell me on my email plzz plzz plzz i a waiting


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