Name: Last Day On Earth: Survival Patcher v1.4(Mod menu)
Version: 1.6.4
Root required: No



– Ui Updated.
– Any item splitable in Magic Split.
– No Fuel Reduce fixed.
– Visual Level Up set to 99 for anti cheat-detection
– Unlimited Inbox and Shop item increased.
– Unlimited Inventory items reduced to 20 to support savefile to next update.
– Fast Recovery Added By default.
– Instant Follow and Bow Mod.


– Magic Split
– Unlimited Durability
– Advance Money Mod
– Free Crafting
– High Weapon Damage(3000)-Linked with Zombies
– No level Requirement
– Visual Level Up
– Zero Energy Use
– Instant Travel
– Instant Box Unlock
– Unlimited Inbox Items
– Unlimited Items
– No Fuel Reduce
– Fast Fire Rate
– Unlimited Health-Linked with Zombies
– Instant Follow
– Bow Mod(UnTested)
– Anti Cheat Detection

Installation Steps:

1. Download it
2. (Important) Back up your save folder from current apk – Android/Data/zombie.survival.craft.z/file
3. Uninstall previous version
4. Install and launch it
5. Let game load.
6. Click on AS icon to open menu.
7. Select Mods and it will apply.
8. Press Back to minimise it.
9. If want to close patcher completely then press close button on AS icon
10. Enjoy! Please leave a comment if you find any issue.

~ I will not responsible for any kind of ban so play at own risk !!
~ Only arm modded
~ You can share this mod to anywhere just give credit to me atleast.



Download: Click Here To Download

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50 thoughts on “LAST DAY ON EARTH PATCHER V1.4 By

      1. Well i can only install the apk, but when im trying to join the game, the K menu appears only on couple seconds and even if i click on it, game reloads and K menu disappeares.


    1. I’m on Note 3 not on Bluestacks.

      Either the android manifest is missing a string or the new Gui is buggy.

      And there’s the new proxy sign in bins ?

      Avast detected the app as a Trojan, but I added it to the ignore list.



  1. When i downloaded it and opened it kmods i was on for 3mins having fun but when i go to click on the k again mods it crashed jus like every few 100 time can u pls tell me each time i open it it says game has stopped working pls explain with ur own words not dissin u but pls


  2. Hi m8,
    The mod was working pretty well when it was at 1.5.7, but when it was upgraded to 1.5.8-1.6.0 everything went sideways.

    The game keeps crashing even on Arm.

    The changes were :
    1)2 new Gui’s. 2)New Proxy. 3)New bins to sign in to the routed proxy. 4)New Manifest.xml

    Was you’re device lib folder in data/data or app/data ?


  3. As for people having problems with loading, close game, make sure you have backed up you game save. Then access zombie.craft.z flue and inside delete cache and file. Copy your saved game data in there. Next go to your phone apps, last day on earth and force close then reload game. Might take a couple of tries, but it works.

    Of course, you will have to wait till the mod is updated to 1.6.2.

    Kind regards


  4. Hey, bro! Your mod is the best way I’ve ever downloaded!!! Just super!!! The big request if there is a desire and time to make please mod for the game vikings: war of clans.


  5. Your mod is just so great but there is one problem.
    Its just that the file “zombie.Survival.z” (which is made by your mod) doesn’t work on any other mod apk file.
    So if you don’t provide the updated apk file for last day on earth and we try to play our saved game on the apk file downloaded from other site…. We can’t!!

    I hope you understand what i am trying to say here.


  6. Hey there KP
    Awesome mod, been using it since you uploaded for 1.6, it works amazingly and it’s the best mod for the game!
    So please, when you have spare time, update it 😀
    Or teach me how to update it and i will haha
    Anyway dude, if you could update it, we would all apreciate it


  7. Last day on earth

    V 1.6.2 update needed

    And old version mod are very excellent awesome im appreciating the developer
    Very good and thank u so much. 😍😘😘😘😘😘


  8. Wassup bro wen will 16.2 be out patiently wating i dont use no one se mods only urs only trust urs and u are the best plz can u tell me wen will it be out


  9. Buddy ur mod is the best one out there hats off to ur effort i know it will take time to mod this level of work and u too have ur personal life bt u must provide the updates faster becoz when u release the version 1.6.2 the maker will release the new update so its pointless to use ur mods once again thnx n its just a suggestion.


  10. Not working on 1.6.4…game starts, then a message says patched load before game…try again…then the k dissapears then it not start


  11. Maybe the mod needs more options to turn on and of all functions. I try to create a safe save with no obvious hacked stats. So its kinda hard when you get +points on learning recipes or negative -points or to much. Also on things were you by gold objekts the minus gold is a stat that maybe in the future will be detected like the recipe points if you have to much or not enough for your level. and and maybe a full expalantion of all functions. and the kombi of some hacks is not the best way i guess


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